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EHF Champions League

Strong finish helps Brest edge Vardar

EHF / Adrian Costeiu

A serious makeover for Vardar this summer did not help the two-time title winners, as the Macedonian side failed when it mattered the most, and Brest finished the game with a 3:0 run. The hosts thereby started their season strong, with a 24:22 win, despite the guests boasting a 76 per cent attacking efficiency.

HC Meshkov Brest (BLR) vs HC Vardar 1961 (MKD) 24:22 (12:10)

  • a 4:0 run between the 19th and the 24th minute set the tone for Brest, who started with a win for the third time in four seasons
  • although Vardar took the lead in the second half, the guests failed to score in the last five minutes, helping Meshkov mount a last-gasp comeback
  • former Vardar playmaker Stas Skube, who joined Brest this summer, scored one
  • the Belarusian side are undefeated at home against Vardar in four matches, having won three of them

Right-side shine

Brest edged Vardar with a strong finish, but it was really their right side that shone on Wednesday night.

Bosnian right back Marko Panic scored seven goals, including the decider, while Belarusian right wing Mikita Vailupau tallied six. Panic and Vailupau were directly responsible for 54.1 per cent of Brest’s goals.

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