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Sweden prepare for World Championship Play-Offs in full strength

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Sweden prepare for World Championship Play-Offs in full strength

It has turned into an advantage for Sweden's women's national coach Torbjörn Klingvall that the Danish top teams, Viborg HK and Randers HK, have been sent out of the play-offs for the Danish national championship at a rather early stage.

It means that Klingvall can make use of the players from those clubs when Sweden start their preparations for the World Championship Play-Offs against Poland (2 and 8 June) with the Nettbuss Open in Gothenburg from 24 to 26 May.

In the tournament, during which Norway, Serbia and Iceland will be the opponents, the Swedish coach will have the Viborg players, Isabelle Gulldén and Johanna Ahlm, as well as Ulrika Ågren and Sabina Jacobsen from Randers at his disposal.

It is a fact that pleases him a lot.

"It is a bonus that we got the professionals in Denmark - Isabelle Gulldén, Johanna Ahlm, Sabina Jacobsen and Ulrika Ågren.

"The two latters are playing a cup match in Denmark on 22 May and will not join our squad until the next day.

"That is not perfect, of course, but we take the challenge and try to solve it in the best possible way," Torbjörn Klingvall told the website of the Swedish Handball Federation.

Left back Linnea Torstensson from Slovenian top team Krim Mercator has also recovered her finger injury and is among the 19 players who have been nominated for the tournament.

"She was not with us in Iceland recently, so it will be good to see in what kind of form she is now," Klingvall said.

For Isabelle Gulldén, it will actually be the first time she plays internationals on home ground, and the Viborg playmaker is looking forward to the occasion.

"I am playing the bronze match with Viborg on Wednesday (8 May), and then I will go home to watch the finals of the Swedish national championship on 9 May.

"Then it will be the Nettbuss Open from May 24 to 26. That means a lot of time in Gothenburg, and that just feels wonderful," Gulldén said.

The Swedish squad nominated for the Nettbuss Open

Goalkeepers: Cecilia Grubbström (OGC Nice), Maria Olsson (Aalborg DH), Jannike Norström (Höör HK 65)

Field players: Ulrik Ågren (Randers HK), Frida Tengstedt (IK Sävehof). Hanna Fogelström (IK Sävehof), Linn Blohm (IK Sävehof), Jamina Roberts (IK Sävehof), Louise Sand (IK Sävehof), Maria Adler (Lugi HF), Johanna Ahlm (Viborg HK), Linnea Torstensson (RK Krim Mercator), Isabelle Gulldén (Viborg HK), Jessica Helleberg (Team Esbjerg), Nathalie Hagman (Lugi HF), Sabina Jacobsen (Randers HK), Ida Oden (IK Sävehof), Jenny Alm (IK Sävehof), Johanna Westberg (Skuru IK)

After the tournament in Gothenburg the squad will be cut down to 16 players who will form the squad for the World Championship Play-Offs against Poland.

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