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All looking good approaching the new season

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All looking good approaching the new season

After an amazing last season, which yet again proved handball is a wonderful, unpredictable sport, the EHF Champions League teams are preparing for another staggering campaign, which is approaching fast.

Summer days are nearing the end but there is still some time left before the VELUX EHF Champions League Group Phase and the Women’s Champions League Group Matches commence.

The teams are in various stages of preparation, before they are ready to fight until the last gasp in the new season.

Celje looking sharp in preseason

Let us begin with the Slovenian team, who have taken their form to an admirable level at the very early stages. Branko Tamse’s team have won a preparation tournament with several impressive performances, as evident form the video bellow. If their early preseason form is anything to go by, Celje are looking to make the 2018/19 season a memorable campaign.

High spirit in Paris

Meanwhile, PSG have enjoyed a fun week. Training lightly, getting back in shape, and teambuilding with off-court activities. The French team are in high spirit and a clean bill of health, taking time in their preseason, aiming to have their form peaking when the time is right. With the media and the opponents eying every move, one of the biggest questions of the season will be – can PSG finally make it, and lift the elusive trophy?

Meanwhile, the PSG newcomer, Swedish sharpshooter Kim Ekdahl Du Rietz has shown new skills.

No rest under Lino Cervar

Zagreb are also deep in their preseason preparations. The Croatian champions got a boost from the return of talismanic tactician Lino Cervar at the helm. But the preseason under Cervar also signals high demands and no time to rest. Zagreb want to improve on last season’s result with a new targets, a strengthened team and an ambitious coach. For that goal, they will need to analyse every aspect of their game, and take smart conclusions how to improve, which is exactly what Cervar is aiming to accomplish these days.

Taking a peek at Györ’s pre-season

Györ are eagerly anticipating the new season under their new coach. Many things are unknown following the end of Ambros Martin reign, especially with the trophy defence at stake, but the new coach, Gabor Danyi, is no stranger to the recipe for success at the Hungarian powerhouse, having already announced some changes to the playing style. So, here is a sneak peek behind the closed doors at the reigning Women’s EHF Champions League winners.

CSM picture-perfect

There is no denying CSM have made a world-class team. Individual quality that blends so well, both on and off the court, peaking talent boasting with experience, brought together in one of the most interesting projects in women’s handball and a talented coach to boot. Last week, the stars of the picture-perfect CSM team enjoyed taking pictures for the new season, with this video as proof of the amazing atmosphere in Bucharest.

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