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EHF and DHF continue working towards Women’s EHF EURO 2020

The European Handball Federation has taken note on Sunday of the most recent developments regarding the Women’s EHF EURO 2020.

The EHF underlines its close cooperation with and the full support for the Danish Handball Association in all matters related to hosting the final tournament from 3 to 20 December.

EHF President Michael Wiederer says: “The sport of handball, here represented by the Danish Handball Association and the European Handball Federation, has delivered all the requirements, preparations and necessary health and hygiene concepts to see the EHF EURO 2020 played in Denmark.

“The Women’s EHF EURO 2020 is a strong and vital platform for the promotion of European women’s handball. The 16 participating teams are just waiting for the final go.”

Earlier on Sunday, a meeting of the board of the Danish Handball Association took place. The EHF provides a translated version of the statement issued by the DHF following the meeting.

"Despite a lack of response from the government and the authorities, the board of the Danish Handball Association unanimously has decided to continue working towards the Women’s EHF EURO 2020.

With only 11 days until the first match, the Danish Handball Association is working to make EHF EURO possible in two Danish cities. At the same time, the confirmation from the Danish government and the health authorities to the many papers and protocols that describe the conduct of the championship in the smallest detail is missing.

However, with the time pressure mounting significantly, the board of Danish Handball Association has unanimously decided that work is continuing according to plan and to open the Women’s EHF EURO 2020 on Danish soil on 3 December.

Per Bertelsen, President of the DHF, says: 'We have developed a comprehensive corona protocol that sets out some very strict guidelines for the handling of the championship, but we still need to get the green light from the government and authorities.

'Now we cannot wait any longer, and therefore we must continue to work until the opposite is proven: that we cannot host the championship despite the very thorough protocols.

'We have described everything in the smallest detail, and our guidelines are far stricter than what otherwise applies in sports. We create a bubble where everyone in the bubble is tested continuously, just as we make sure that no one steps in and out of the bubble without prior testing.'

The Danish Handball Association has the support from the Danish Sports Confederation, Team Denmark and Sport Event Denmark. Furthermore, the two handball bodies, Håndboldspillerforeningen and Divisionsforeningen Håndbold, which are both represented on the board of the Danish Handball Association, support it.

Kasper Dan Jørgensen, chairman of the Divisional Handball Association, emphasises the importance of the championship:

'Hosting the European Championships is not only important for Danish women's handball, but for women's handball across Europe. That is why it is extremely important that the preparations are given a boost, and we naturally support the fact that we can no longer wait.

'The Danish Handball Association has been given the green light to continue working, so that the many interests around handball can be nurtured in the best possible way and we can show the world that world-class handball can be played in a responsible way.'

The Players' Association, which represents the elite handball players in Denmark, also supports staging the European Championships:

'The players are ready to get started, and with the thorough and responsible protocols available, no one is insecure. We now hope for the green light, so that the nation can have something to rejoice about here in the month of December.'"

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