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EHF statement on Romanian club CSM Corona Brasov

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EHF statement on Romanian club CSM Corona Brasov

The EHF Court of Handball has initiated legal proceedings against Romanian club CSM Corona Brasov following alleged violations of anti-doping rules.

An investigation is currently carried out by the Romania National Anti-Doping Agency (ANAD) which has already released decisions resulting in provisional suspensions for players of the team.

The players are presumed to have participated in an intravenous laser therapy session considered a prohibited method under Section M1.3 of the 2019 Prohibited List of the World Anti-Doping Code, i.e. any form of intravascular manipulation of the blood or blood components by physical or chemical means.

In accordance with Article 14.1 of the EHF Regulations for Anti-Doping and upon approval of the EHF Anti-Doping Unit, the EHF has decided to recognise and implement the decisions provided by ANAD within the frame of its competitions.

The players are therefore provisionally suspended from participating in any European handball competitions, club and national team related.

Furthermore, according to Article 10.2 of the EHF Regulations for Anti-Doping, if more than two members of a team are found to have committed an anti-doping rule violation during an EHF competition period, the competent legal body shall also impose an appropriate sanction on the club. For this reason, legal proceedings have been intiated against CSM Corona Brasov.

In addition, in the spirit of safeguarding the integrity of the sport and in order to ensure a correct continuation of the competition, the President of the Court of Handball has notified CSM Corona Brasov on Wednesday of its decision to suspend provisionally the club from participating in EHF governed competitions.

An appeal can be filed by the club within seven days. Because of the serious nature of the violation, any appeal against the present provisional suspension shall not have any suspensive effect.

As CSM Corona Brasov had qualified for the Women's EHF Cup Group Phase, the EHF will inform in due time about future proceedings in this case.

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