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ETS supports European Commission Communication on sport


ETS supports European Commission Communication on sport

The Association of European Team Sports (ETS) welcomes the European Commission’s Communication on sport, published on 18 January 2011, as a very positive development for the future of European team sports. The Communication proposes ways in which the EU’s new competence in sport (Article 165 TFEU) can be implemented, thus reinforcing the European dimension of sport.

The ETS is particularly pleased to see the Commission:

  • reaffirm the importance of the autonomy of sports governing bodies
  • support the centralised sale of media rights
  • devote more attention to the issue of intellectual property rights
  • throw its weight behind the fight against illegal betting and match-fixing

Find the full communication on the European Commission’s Official Website.

Jean Brihault, vice-president of the European Handball Federation (EHF), a member of the ETS, said: "We are delighted to see this long-awaited Communication address so many of the key issues for European team sports. The Commission has provided an excellent contribution to the debate on the future of sport in Europe and the association of European Team Sports is looking forward to playing an active role in shaping it."

The European Commission gives its backing to several aspects of the European sports model by endorsing the pyramidal governance structure, the autonomy of sports associations and open competitions based on sporting merit and the principles of promotion and relegation. The Communication also promotes financial solidarity between amateur and professional sport, and welcomes UEFA’s financial fair play regulations.

However, ETS would like to encourage the European Institutions to clarify the ambiguous status of sporting rules in the context of the Lisbon treaty provisions.

About the Association of European Team Sports (ETS)

The ETS was founded in December 2009 and charged with the responsibility to represent and promote the interests of European team sports. It consists of the following six members:

  • CEV (volleyball)
  • EHF (handball)
  • FIBA Europe (basketball)
  • FIRA-AER (rugby)
  • IIHF (ice hockey)
  • UEFA (football)

The six members of the ETS are committed to maintain cooperation and exchanging experience at the highest level of European sport.

One of ETS’s statutory missions is to strive for recognition of the European sports model and its constituent parts, namely the specificity of sport and the autonomy and central role of the sports federations.

Find more information on the Official ETS Website.

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