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Exceptions to the IHF Rules of the Game


Exceptions to the IHF Rules of the Game

It is in the interest of the European Handball Federation to provide clarification by repeated communication. Therefore the EHF would like to emphasise on the exceptions to the IHF Rules of the Game again.

As the EHF in the past days has been facing the situation that some of our stakeholders (clubs, delegates, referees, etc.) have been handling the new situations differently, we would like to take up the question of the EHF handling regarding the Rules of the Game once again in order to harmonize the technical approach in this respect for all areas.

After the past meeting of the EHF Competitions Commission in May 2010 and as preparatory measures regarding the upcoming season 2010/2011 (delegates course, etc.) both the new IHF rules of the game as well as the exceptions in this respect applying for EHF competitions (in accordance with a respective instruction of the IHF, with regard to the needs of competitions in Europe) were communicated to all parties involved – this including the respective points in the protocol of the EHF Competitions Commission.

In order to provide a good overview on all questions please take a look at the respective excerpt of the CC protocol as well as the respective part of the power point slides used for the EHF delegates courses in the enclosure.

Keeping you informed on the overall situation, the EHF would like to point out that based on an EHF Executive Committee decision in April 2010 the EHF Masterplan Refereeing was put into practice accordingly. The said master plan foresees the

  • permanent dialogue with the IHF/IHF PRC regarding "IHF Rule of the Game matters"
  • conceptual planning of educational/further training EHF Referee and Delegates' courses

As far as the "2010 IHF Rules of the Game - Handling in Europe matter" is concerned the necessary educational measures were taken for preparing and carrying-out the following courses

  • 2010 EHF Referee Education Workshop in Vienna/AUT (2 - 4 July 2010)

  • 2010/11 EHF Course for Delegates in Balatonfüred/HUN (3-5 September 2010)

Both the participants in the above mentioned events, the responsible EHF Lecturers/Officials in the 2010 M18 and M20 YAC EChs as well as the 2010 W18 EO were clearly advised and instructed to handle the matter following the "EHF line" agreed upon.


Substitution Area

  • Keeping the current solution for the substitution area (with a support table for European Championships and other top matches, without one for all others)
  • Full space for coaches substitution remains in EHF competitions (new solution would leave coach only one meter to check multiple substitutions)
  • Substitution area set-up with 2 x 12 meters length, providing 16 chairs (or, with 11 m, 14 chairs) remains
  • Use of chairs instead of benches in the substitution area obligatory

Obligation relating to participating delegations

  • 16 instead of 14 players on start list (for European Championship final tournaments and VELUX EHF Men's Champions League)
  • Players clothing – one uniform in dark and one in light colour obligatory (both red and blue are regarded as dark colour)
  • Letter for team official with sticker or print on accreditation – no loose letter cards on lanyard allowed in EHF competitions

Obligation to notify/report – Rule 8

  • Restrictive interpretation in competitions in Europe
  • To be seen isolated from the initiation of disciplinary proceedings
  • Disciplinary proceedings are fully independent from reports/notifications in connections with Rule 8

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