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Flash quotes: Germany media call

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Bratislava, 13 January – Quotes from Germany head coach Alfred Gislason (ISL), sports director Axel Kromer, line player Johannes Golla, centre back Julian Köster and left wing Marcel Schiller (all GER).

Alfred Gislason (ISL) – coach

On the final stages of preparation:

“First, I am impressed by the arena with its huge capacity, it will be a great place for great matches. All our players are fit, even Philipp Weber, who suffered from a shoulder injury in our last test match against France. I am sure that he will be able to play against Belarus.”

On the opening match against Belarus:

“The first match of a tournament is always something special, you can feel the tension and excitement among the players that finally we will start after all those training sessions. We trained well and we are aware of Belarus. I hope that we can cast off the nervousness quite quick and start the EHF EURO successfully.”

Axel Kromer (GER) – sports director

On his expectations:

“We feel very well here in Bratislava, and I am sure the team is well prepared. We are happily looking forward to our opener against Belarus. I hope that some German fans will support us in the arena, as we know that they can create a great atmosphere.”

Johannes Golla (GER) – line player and team captain

On the atmosphere in the team:

“We had a good preparation with two victorious test matches, this means the atmosphere in the team is very good. We currently have intense preparations for Belarus and we are really looking forward to the tournament throwing off. We do not feel under pressure at the moment, it is much more anticipation. Everybody feels well-prepared, and the team fits together very well.”

Julian Köster (GER) – centre back

On his debut at a major tournament at the age of 21:

“Of course, I am very excited and I feel a huge anticipation before the start. I know that on match day the nervousness will rise. I was easily adapted by the team, mainly our new team captain Johannes Golla does all he can to integrate the young players like me.

"My main task will be in defence, and we have prepared several variations. I was absolutely happy and surprised, when our coach first invited me for my first international matches in November and then for the EHF EURO. Now I am ready to start.”

Marcel Schiller (GER) – left wing

On the opener against Belarus:

“We expect a tough game against a strong opponent. Most of the Belarusian players play for European top clubs, so we have to be aware. We have to give our best to win. It will be crucial to reduce the number of turnovers and stand strong in defence to be able to win.

"But I am sure we are well-prepared. And I am also sure that all of our players have a positive feeling before this tournament. We fit quite well as a team, although we have not played that many games together yet."

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