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Legal case against Schwenker and Serdarusic


Legal case against Schwenker and Serdarusic

The European Handball Federation takes note of the court case in Kiel, Germany (5. Große Strafkammer des Kieler Landgerichts).

Despite the public prosecutor's claim of a “breach of trust and fraud” (Untreue und Betrug), the main proceedings deal with the accusation of “corruption in commercial transactions” (Bestechung im geschäftlichen Verkehr) against Uwe Schwenker and Zvonimir Serdarusic, former manager and former coach of THW Kiel.

The EHF is looking forward to see the case ultimately clarified, and has allocated all its documentation on the case to the prosecution for inquiries. Parallel to that, the EHF had external experts analysing the match, who did not find any evidence for manipulation.

In order to make a decision on further proceedings, the EHF will make a request to the court of Kiel for the documentation of the case.

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