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Lockdown life, from Palau Blaugrana to the Philippines

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Lockdown life, from Palau Blaugrana to the Philippines

The handball community continues looking for ways to enjoy the game as lockdown measures around the world continue, whether it be inspiring others with training tips and motivation, sharing glimpses of other activities that are keeping people busy during lockdown life, or taking part in social media challenges.

Barça have been keeping their fans busy on social media, and this week had a look back at the great VELUX EHF Champions League season their team has had in 2019/20 with this spectacular goal against Flensburg.

Brest Bretagne Handball’s Isabelle Gullden showed us her home workout, which is intense but enjoyable thanks to her adorable and motivating training buddy.

The Swedish ace has been in increasingly strong form in the season following her pregnancy, and it is clear she is determined to continue building on that even in these unusual training circumstances. 

EHF EURO 2020 champion Julen Aguinagalde is also having little trouble finding motivation to stay at home and train hard. He shared this photo of his daughter in a Kielce jersey that fits just right.

It is not only the adults who are staying active – young handball players are impressing us as they work hard to keep fit and ready to return to the court.

We have seen children, dogs and partners used as weights to help in training, but this young guy has superior persuasive abilities. He somehow managed to convince his cat to forego napping and help with squats.

Handball coach Christoph Sahli is helping his players stay motivated by encouraging them to share their workouts – as well as endless ideas for how to stay active.

In the Philippines, beach handball is the discipline of choice. This week we learned that concrete serves just as well as sand for spin shot practice. 

During the lockdown period, some trends have arisen – and one very popular activity appears to be is baking. Kadetten Schaffhausen’s athletic coach Aljosa Udovc has that skill mastered.

We also had a reminder to hold on tight and stay safe from the handball photographer known as FotoReza. Who misses this pre-match moment as much as he does?

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