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Memorandum of Understanding


Memorandum of Understanding

At their 6th meeting on 11 February 2010 in Vienna, the EHF, the GROUP CLUB HANDBALL EEIG leadership representing the top clubs of Europe and the EHF Finance Delegation finalised a draft version of a “Memorandum of Understanding” that describes the future cooperation of clubs and the EHF, respectively the basis for a future Professional Handball Board (PHB).

The draft needs to be approved by the EHF Executive Committee and confirmed by the next Ordinary EHF Congress, taking place on 24/25 September 2010 in Copenhagen and by the 3rd General Assembly of FORUM CLUB HANDBALL, taking place on occasion of the 1st EHF Champions League FINAL4 on 29 May 2010 in Cologne. 

The basis for the future FORUM CLUB HANDBALL, which is foreseen to represent the clubs' part in the PHB, is the participation of clubs in CL/EC competitions.

Under the condition that a club is qualified for the 2010/11 European Cup season, the following teams will be automatically invited to FORUM CLUB HANDBALL:

  • The last 24 teams of the 2009/10 EHF Champions League
  • The last 16 teams of the 2009/10 EHF Cup
  • The last 16 teams of the 2009/10 Cup Winners’ Cup
  • The last 8 teams of the 2009/10 Challenge Cup
    + all national champions of the 2009/10 season from countries not yet represented in the other groups.

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