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Sporting secure both points against struggling Bears

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Sporting secure both points against struggling Bears

Sporting Lisbon beat Chekhvoskie Medvedi in Round 4’s opening match on Wednesday, moving them to four points and keeping them in the race for the top two spots in Group D, whilst Chekhovskie Medvedi remain without a point and bottom.

· Chekhovskie Medvedi are one defeat short from their worst start in a Champions League campaign

· Sporting set a new record high for goals scored in Europe’s elite club competition


Sporting Lisbon (POR) vs Chekhovskie Medvedi (RUS) 31:30 (20:17)

The Portuguese champions were too strong for the Russian bears as they ended their two-game losing streak.

Down to the wire

Sporting had the edge for majority of the match but struggled to keep up the momentum in the second half.

Medvedi were close to snatching a point off Sporting after improved 5-1 defence in the final minutes and potency of left winger Roman Ostashschenko, but their comeback ran out of time.

Fruitful veteran winger

Ivan Nikcevic produced one of the highlights of the evening, his in-flight goal from 25th minute entertained the enthusiastic fans in Lisbon. The Serbian veteran scored six as Sporting were on fire in attack, particularly in the first half. Nikcevic's success on the wing helped keep the scoreboard ticking in the tense second half.

Back court stability

Michal Kopco enjoyed his playing time on the line as Tiago Rocha was rested by Hugo Canela, scoring a season-high four goals. Carol Frankis lead all scorers with 100% efficiency from the back court providing seven goals.  

Losing streak

One defeat shy of matching their worst season opening, in 2014/15, Chekhovskie Medvedi are struggling to keep up with their opponents in Group D.

Nevertheless, today they showed a fighting spirit coming from behind in the second half. Such matches are a real experience for the youngsters under the command of coaching legend Vladimir Maximov as they showed they are capable of competing at this level. 

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