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Suspension reduced for Russian players


Suspension reduced for Russian players


Three Russian national team players have had their suspension for anti-doping infringements reduced by three months each because of the substantial assistance they provided to law enforcement authorities in Russia. 


Following the decision of the EHF Court of Handball in the anti-doping case involving three Russian players, who provided positive doping samples at the Women’s 19 EHF EURO played in the summer of 2017, a further decision has been released.


In the light of the fact that all three players provided substantial assistance to Russian law enforcement authorities, which established the existence of an administrative violation in a regional court, the players’ suspensions have been reduced by three months each.


According to the EHF Regulations for Anti-doping, the EHF Anti-doping Unit has the right to suspend part of the period of ineligibility where a player provide substantial assistance to an anti‐doping organisation, criminal authority or professional disciplinary body, which results in discovery of anti-doping violations by another person.

The period of ineligibility of 20 months imposed by the Court of Handball on 19 January 2018 will be reduced to 17 months.

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