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Test regime updated in EHF hygiene concept

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The European Handball Federation has updated its ‘Back to Handball’ concept as the 2020/21 season continues.

In the latest revision of the concept, which comes into force on 1 February, clubs are no longer allowed extensions in Covid-19 testing timeframes before matches.

PCR tests must be conducted at a maximum 72 hours before the match while antigen tests must be carried out at a maximum 24 hours prior to each game with no exceptions.

The revised document also outlines the circumstances in which a previously positive tested player can participate. Furthermore, antigen tests can now be administered by medical staff, when previously only a certified doctor was able to do so.

The concept, which was first released prior to the start of the 2020/21 season in August 2020, is intended to ensure a controlled and safe participation of handball, with the safety and security of teams and match officials paramount during the current global pandemic.

It details comprehensive requirements and recommendations for clubs to follow regarding support staff, media and spectators, all of which fall in line with local guidelines.

The document, which can be downloaded and read below, will be continually updated in line with any changes and adaptations.

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