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The 7 best tactics to help combat coronavirus


1. Wash. Your. Hands!

The handball community knows more than most the importance of keeping them in good condition – so go the extra mile and regularly and thoroughly wash your hands for at least 20 seconds wth soap or use an alcohol-based sanitiser.

2. Stay at home

Remaining inside will help reduce the spread of infection. Don’t run that risk, so stay safe at home and watch some all-time classic handball matches.

3. Maintain social distancing.

Keep your distance from others at least 1 metre.

4. Do. Not. Touch. Your. Face.

Avoid making contact with your eyes, nose and mouth.

5. Cough and sneeze responsibly

It is all about respect to stop the spread. And respecting those around you. Cover your cough or sneeze with your elbow bent.

6. Stay informed

Keep your eyes peeled and ears open for the latest developments from where you are and ensure you adhere to the advice given. Stay safe, everyone

7. Seek medical attention if you’re feeling sick 

If you are showing any symptoms – a cough, fever and difficulty breathing – follow the directions of your local health authority and seek medical care.

Safe safe, and stay healthy.

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