CL The Ultimate EHF FINAL4 Battle
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The ultimate EHF FINAL4 battle

Courtney Gahan

Nothing can provide as much entertainment, excitement and emotion as an EHF FINAL4 – except maybe another edition of the pinnacle event in European club handball. 

Whether you support Vardar, Montpellier, Györ or CSM Bucuresti – all handball fans must have a memorable EHF FINAL4 that stands out among the top of the top.

Now it is time to decide the ultimate champion. By way of a fan vote over the coming weeks, the best ever EHF FINAL4 will be crowned. 

Voting starts with the ‘Last 16’, where fans have from 10:00 CET on June 2 to 15:00 CET on June 3 to choose their ‘quarter-finalists’: their eight favourite EHF FINAL4 events, between both the men’s and women’s competitions.

Voting for the ‘quarter-finals’ will open the following day, and so on through the ‘semi-finals’ and ‘final’, until the ultimate champion EHF FINAL4 is determined. 

Get started with your Last 16 vote below!

The dates and times for each round of voting for the ultimate EHF FINAL4 are as follows:

Last 16: 10:00 CET June 2 to 15:00 CET June 3
Quarter-finals: 15:01 CET June 3 to 16:00 CET June 4
Semi-finals: 16:01 CET June 4 to 16:30 June 5
Final: 16:31 CET June 5 to 18:00 CET June 7

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