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EHF Champions League

Veszprém take Nantes’ fortress

EHF / Björn Pazen

Telekom Veszprém were challenged in their first official match against HBC Nantes, but even the support from their fans could not prevent the French side from an opening home defeat in the duel of former EHF Champions League finalists. The match was close until minute 46, when the visitors pull ahead from 21:19 to 27:21. 

HBC Nantes (FRA) vs Telekom Veszprém HC (HUN) 24:28 (10:11) 

  • Last season, Veszprém lost their first away match of the season in France, 18:23 at Montpellier. On Wednesday, they took revenge
  • Veszprém coach David Davis won his first game against his former Ciudad Real teammate, Nantes coach Alberto Entrerrios
  • Jorge Maqueda (Veszprém) scored once against his former club; Kiril Lazarov (Nantes) netted five against his
  • Danish goalkeeper Emil Nielsen saved eight shots in the first half, but was clearly surpassed by outstanding Veszprém goalkeeper Rodrigo Corrales in the end 
  • The 14:13 in minute 34 was Nantes’ last advantage. Veszprém took full control at 21:17 15 minutes before the end

Perfect start for Corrales 

Rodrigo Corrales is filling the huge shoes of his predecessor between Veszprém’s goal posts: Arpad Sterbik. Corrales, who arrived from PSG, was awarded MVP and best goalkeeper of the SEHA League final tournament two weeks ago, won by his side. The Spaniard had a perfect start for his new club in the Champions League as well, with 17 saves at Nantes. 

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