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EHF Cup coverage paves the way for future success


EHF Cup coverage paves the way for future success

The European handball’s second tier club competition, the MEN’S EHF Cup, has continued to blossom in recent years with 16 TV partners currently broadcasting matches to more than 20 territories across the continent.

This season’s MEN’S EHF Cup resumes with the group stage in early February ahead of the EHF Cup Finals which take place in Berlin over 23 and 24 May.

The competition enjoys worldwide exposure through, which also acts as the exclusive stream partner in France.

The development and interest in the competition now means that all matches are produced and distributed to TV partners and showed on with the EHF Cup Finals also benefitting from high standard production.

Miguel Mateo, Head of TV & Media at EHF Marketing, believes the success and popularity of the MEN’S EHF Cup forms the perfect platform for the beginning of next season’s EHF European League.

He said: “This last edition is a reflection of the development of the MEN’S EHF Cup in recent seasons.

“Top European clubs will deliver a great spectacle in the playing court, and the handball fans around Europe will have the opportunity to enjoy every single game in front of the screen.

“We have no doubt that the 2019/20 season will be amazing in all aspects, and that it will set the perfect basis for a promising future.

“The launch of the new EHF European League will for sure benefit of the development in the last seasons of the MEN’S EHF Cup.”

TV Partners broadcasting the MEN’S EHF Cup 2019/20 (as of 06.02.2020):


BIH – SportKlub

CRO –  SportKlub

CZE –  SportTV

DEN – TV3 Denmark




HUN – Sport TV

KOS –  SportKlub

MKD –  SportKlub

MNE – SportKlub

MNE – SportKlub

NOR – NENT Group


POR – Benfica TV

ROU – Digi Sport, Telekom Sports, LookTV

SLO – Sport TV

SRB – SportKlub

SUI – MySports

SVK – Sport TV

SWE - NENT Group

Worldwide - (Geo-restrictions could apply)

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