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EHF EURO 2016: Clothing and equipment guidelines


EHF EURO 2016: Clothing and equipment guidelines 

Parallel to the update to the Rules of the Game on 1 July 2016, the International Handball Federation also issued a number of guidelines and interpretations with a greater focus on the use of clothing and protective equipment by players.

With the EHF EURO 2016 just days away, the EHF has confirmed the application of the guidelines and interpretations as set out in the IHF Rules of the Game.

This will mean that if players wear additional clothing such as thermo trousers, the whole team must wear the same coloured equipment.

Leggings covering the whole of the leg will not be permitted and long socks over the knee are also not allowed.

Bandages covering any of the three main joints of body (elbow, knee and ankle) will only be allowed for medical reason, and any similar devices worn by the team must be of the same colour.

The complete guidelines and interpretations dealing not only with clothing but also the use of protective equipment including head protection issued by the IHF can be downloaded here>>

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