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EHF EURO 2016 hosts seminar for top coaches

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EHF EURO 2016 hosts seminar for top coaches

Europe’s leading coaches will gather in Krakow, Poland during the Men’s EHF EURO 2016 for the 2016 EHF Top Coaches’ and EHF Licencing Renewal Seminar.

The seminar will take place 14 to 17 January 2016 in Krakow, which will host the preliminary, main and final rounds of the Men’s EHF European Championship.

An intensive four-day schedule will be led by EHF lecturers Peter Kovacs (HUN), Zoltan Marczinka (HUN) and Marko Sibila (SLO) as well as Peter Fröschl from the EHF Office.

A complete overview of the event, including programme and registration form is available for download.

EHF PRO Licence renewal

The EHF PRO Licence is the highest level offered by the EHF and in the future will become a necessary qualification for top coaches.

It has been proposed by the EHF Methods Commission has proposed that from 2020 a EHF PRO Licence will need to be held by coaches of teams participating in the final rounds of the European Handball Championships or EHF Champions League.

At its meeting on 5 September, the EHF Methods Commission (MC) confirmed that following activities would serve as an option of the prolongation of the EHF Coaching PRO Licence:

- Attending a Seminar designed by the EHF as a EHF PRO Licence Seminar;
- Attending an IHF Coaching Course, EHF Top Coaches Seminar, National Coaches' Clinic with EHF Lecturer lasting min. 20 hours;
- At least one module of the EHF Open Master Course and Licencing Course;
- Being a Lecturer at a seminar designated by the EHF as EHF PRO Licence Seminar;
- Being a technical expert invited by EHF for an EHF event (e.g. analyst);
- Being a coaching lecturer in EHF or IHF coaching courses, seminar, etc.

The 2016 edition of the EHF Top Coaches’ Seminar is therefore also valid for the renewal of the EHF Pro Licence for 2016/17 (validation through to 2019/20).

Registration deadline

Deadline for registration is Monday, 30 November 2015.

The course is organised by the EHF Methods Commission, which is responsible for education, further education and training within the federation. Its philosophy is to inspire handball coaches all over Europe, to exchange knowledge as well as experience and new ideas.

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