210116 FTC Esbjerg 7
EHF Champions League

Esbjerg produce excellent second half to beat FTC

EHF / Kevin Domas

This trip to Hungary was something of a make or break game for Esbjerg as the Danish side was seventh in group A before round 11, with four points.

FTC, on the other hand, hoped for a spot among the best three teams in the group with a win. And the Hungarian side’s hopes were high, especially after winning the reverse fixture 24:21 in Denmark.

FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria (HUN) vs Team Esbjerg (DEN) 24:28 (12:13)

  • neither side really had the upper hand in the first half, Esbjerg taking a quick two-goal lead before FTC reacted and helped their team to come back within one, thanks to Emily Bölk and Katrin Klujber scoring four each before the break
  • Esbjerg made the difference coming out of the dressing room, increasing the level of intensity on defence and being able to score goals on fast breaks
  • winning tonight, Esbjerg caught up with the two points they lost at home in the first leg of the confrontation
  • Emily Bölk scored nine for FTC, one more than Esbjerg’s top scorer Sanna Solberg

Esbjerg, strong after the break

If the first half had been a somewhat equal affair, with both teams not being separated by more than two goals, Esbjerg picked up the speed after the break.

With Sanna Solberg acting as the detonator, especially on fast breaks, the Danish side was able to pull off the quick style of play that they love so much in order to get the two points.

"I am really happy with these two points and I am very proud of my team’s performance. We really respect Gabor Elek and FTC. It was a tough game but our defence was remarkable," said Esbjerg coach Jesper Jensen.

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