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Free GOALCHA Street Handball webinar available to federations


Free GOALCHA Street Handball webinar available to federations

Calling all federations! A free webinar showcasing one of the European Handball Federation’s Grassroots initiatives is open to member federations in October.

The two-hour webinar, which will take place on 16-17 October and begins at 19:00 hrs CET, will outline the GOALCHA philosophy, methods on pedagogic, methodological and didactic principles and ways of implementing GOALCHA Street Handball into schools and clubs.

It is specifically targeted at those who work as a teacher, coach or in a role which focuses on educational and community work within the sport. All participants will get access to several teaching videos, official GOALCHA manuals and have the opportunity to talk with GOALCHA expert Ole Brunn Anderson.

“The partnership with GOALCHA (Select) fully fits into the EHF Grassroot strategy,” Helmut Höritsch, Head of Education & Development, said.

“GOALCHA is an incredible tool since everybody, regardless of age, gender and motoric skills, is welcome to juggle or exercise with the specifically designed ball everywhere indoor or outdoor on any surface. GOALCHA is no competition. It is a playful and enjoyable experience for everyone, either alone (“Me and the ball”) or in a group (“Together”). For sure, GOALCHA is just worth trying out and having fun.”

Each federation can nominate two interested candidates to take part in the course and places are available on a first come, first served basis. To take part, all participants need is a working internet connection.

To register, simply email the CV of the participant(s), which must include an email address, to Once registration is confirmed, further guidelines regarding the webinar will be forwarded.

What is GOALCHA?

GOALCHA has been developed with the objective to bring handball back to the schools and into the daily life of children and teenagers. For that purpose, the necessary equipment was reduced to a minimum – that all you need is the special GOALCHA ball, being grippable and graspable for all people, irrespective of their age, sex or motoric capability.

With GOALCHA everything centres on the positive experience – it’s not about competition or who scored more goals. It is a match without referee and coach – the players formulate the basic rules themselves and assume responsibility that these are observed during the match. There is no right or wrong.

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