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Germany stun Russia in extra time at W17 EHF EURO 2021

Jamie Whittington

On Friday evening in Podgorica, Germany beat Russia 34:32 after extra time in a thrilling semi-final at the Women's 17 EHF EURO 2021 in Montenegro. 

In the second semi-final, favourites Hungary won in more straightforward fashion against Denmark, 33:25, as they also booked their place in Sunday's final. 


Russia vs Germany 32:34 (30:30) (18:14)

  • Germany took the match to extra time after fighting back from a four-goal deficit midway through the second half
  • Germany's win in extra time ended Russia's perfect sequence at the W17 EHF EURO 2021 in Montenegro
  • Alina Reshetnikova scored 13 goals for Russia, while Viola Leuchter netted 12 times for Germany

With their defence largely restricting Germany to shots from the back court in the opening minutes, Russia took the first three-goal lead of the match, 6:3, when Alina Reshetnikova converted a penalty in the ninth minute.

Although Germany cut Russia’s advantage to one goal on a couple occasions, Russia’s shot efficiency stood at 80 per cent when they extended their lead to five goals, 16:11. Two more strikes from Germany right back Viola Leuchter, who scored eight times in the first half, reduced Russia’s lead to four goals after 30 minutes.

Russia remained four goals ahead when Germany called a timeout in the 44th minute shortly after Reshetnikova’s ninth goal. The timeout clearly had the desired effect. Despite Reshetnikova’s sterling individual efforts, Germany cut Russia’s lead to one goal, 25:24, before Nieke Kühne levelled the score at 28:28 with two minutes remaining.

With the score tied at 30:30, Kühne had the opportunity to win the match for Germany on the last attack in normal time – but her shot from nine metres was saved by Russia goalkeeper Anastasia Kazmenka. However, in extra time Kühne scored two valuable goals as her side clinched a place in Sunday’s final.


Hungary vs Denmark 33:25 (19:16)

  • after Russia's defeat in the first semi-final, Hungary are the last team left with a 100 per cent record at the W17 EHF EURO 2021 – six wins from six matches
  • Hungary have now reached their second EHF EURO final in a Younger Age Category tournament this summer
  • Julie Scaglione scored 14 goals for Denmark – albeit from a total of 27 shots – while Luca Csikos and Petra Anna Simon both netted five times for Hungary

Prior to the semi-finals, Hungary had scored 166 goals in five matches at the W17 EHF EURO 2021. As Denmark had scored at least 29 goals in their four most recent matches at the championship, there was a reasonable possibility that we would see a high-scoring, fast-paced match between these two teams.

In the early stages of the first half, Denmark certainly attempted to match Hungary's speed in attack, but when Liliana Csernyanszki broke away to score a fast break goal in the 11th minute, Hungary's lead was already four goals, 9:5. With Julie Scaglione scoring an astonishing 10 goals for Denmark in the first half, Hungary's lead at half-time was only three goals.

Despite suffering a period of almost 10 minutes without scoring in the second half, Hungary remained in control as Scaglione's supply of goals for Denmark dried up. When Luca Csikos produced a sharp strike from nine metres in the 51st minute, ending Hungary's goal drought, her teammates seemed to grow in confidence.

In the last eight minutes, Hungary scored at a goal per minute to seal their place in the final with a 33:25 win.

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