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EHF Champions League

Gorgeous cakes, target practice and a new sort of normal

Holiday time is over and almost all teams are eyeing top form before the start of the EHF Champions League.

While handshakes have been replaced with elbow bumps throughout Europe, we are looking at a new fan favourite in Kielce, we share a picture from 20 years ago and we hit the sweet spot with a bunch of gorgeous cakes made by Odense players.

A new sort of normal

Training sessions throughout Europe have changed and even checking in into the training facility is now different.

PSG offered a sneak peek into the start of the new season, as all players are using a face mask and the original handshakes have been replaced by elbow bumps when the players and the staff meet before the training.


Icelandic playmaker Haukur Thrastarson is only 19 but is destined for great things and PGE VIVE Kielce snapped him up this summer on a transfer.

He is already a fan favourite in Kielce and this slow-motion video shows why: great skills, despite the lack of experience.

Now and then

Meshkov Brest right wing Mikita Vailupau was one of the emerging stars in last season’s EHF Champions League, scoring 12 goals in Brest’s win against Vardar.

Last week, the Belarusian player celebrated his 25th birthday and his club surprised him with a throwback picture.

20 years ago, Vailupau was only five and could only dream of becoming a handball player. Isn’t he cute?

The Czech Viking

Have you ever heard about anything like a Czech Viking? Well, this might be a first!

Defence specialist Pavel Horak was a star in this year’s Kiel photo shoot and we may soon be able to share a gif which will surely be posted when Horak blocks a shot or steals a ball.

Wait and see…

Target practice

Regina Kalinichenko, the top scorer of the Cup Winners’ Cup 2012/13, has said goodbye to handball this summer, but she still remains a fan favourite for Rostov, plying her trade for the Russian side between 2011 and 2020.

With a lot of spare time on her hands, she is now trying to master a new sport, something a little like handball.

Baking a cake? Challenge accepted

Odense Handbold are back into the DELO EHF Champions League after a one-season break and they look ready for the challenge.

But first, a little teambuilding exercise. Who baked the best cake? Jessica Quintino and Mie Højlund won the prize for the best looking cake, while Freja Cohrt, Helena Elver and Malene Aambakk had the best tasting cake.

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