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It’s Showtime for Champions!

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Did you know this season’s EHF Champions League is combining all the best parts of your favourite TV shows to give you premium entertainment in the comfort of your own home?

Well it’s true. The EHF Champions League is a gripping, intense, blink-and-you’ll miss-it spectacular. And when the best players on the planet take to the court action, drama and a rollercoaster of emotions are guaranteed.

Yet unlike your favourite TV shows the action and the drama are all real. There are no actors. This is elite level European handball where drama like this simply cannot be scripted.

Welcome to Showtime for Champions – part of the promotion strategy to this season’s coverage of the EHF Champions League.

As part of the concept, every Match of the Week (MOTW) forms part of an episode to your new favourite TV series – and you will not want to miss out.

But the MOTW is more than just a match. It starts in the morning of the big game with a down-to-earth chat over a coffee with the key protagonists from both teams in our new Breakfast for Champions series live on Instagram.

Each week our Faces of the EHF Champions League, Hannah Jackson, Markus Floth and Anja Althaus, take it in turns to get the pre-match lowdown straight from the dressing room.

It is then literally showtime for our heroes when the buzzer signals the start of the match. It is time to grab the popcorn, put your feet up and settle down to enjoy 60 minutes of highest level of handball that you cannot see anywhere else.

When the curtain comes down its then time to honour the stars of the show. The Player of the Match Award – awarded by IQONIQ in the men’s competition and DELO in the women’s – is the handball equivalent of an Oscar… minus the theatrics, of course.

Before the end credits roll your emotions are mixed: blown away by the action but left craving more of that unmissable drama.

“Match of the Week will be back next week,” are the final words you hear and suddenly, everything in the world is okay again.

This is Showtime for Champions. It’s time to add it to your favourites…

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