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Lemgo take second straight away victory

EHF / Björn Pazen

After surprisingly winning at HBC Nantes before the break, TBV Lemgo were in the favourite role at Chekhovskie medvedi - but the Russians were a tougher nut to crack than expected. In the end Icelandic left wing Bjarki Elisson was again the key to success with nine goals.   


Chekhovskie medvedi (RUS) vs TBV Lemgo Lippe (GER) 28:30 (15:13) 

  • While Chekhov remain on zero points, Lemgo are on a good way for the knock-out stage with four (away) points now. 
  • The hosts had an upbeat start, pulling ahead to 10:6 as their defence stood solid as a rock. 
  • Aleksandr Ermakov (5) and Kirill Kotov (4) scored nine of 15 Medvedi goals in the first half - but Lemgo’s Icelander Bjarki Elisson was overall top scorer with six goals in the first 30 minutes. 
  • Lemgo started by a 4:1 run to take the lead at 17:16; from that moment on, the match was fully equal again with light advantages for Medvedi - but: the 25:24 scoreline in minute 52 was the last lead for the Russian champions. 
  • A 4:0 run for the 28:25, including two goals from youngster Frederik Simak. was crucial for Lemgo, though the hosts reduced the deficit to one again at 27:28. 

Medvedi line player Ermakov on fire 

In both previous group matches, Chekhovskie Medvedi had scored at least 32 goals - but lost against Benfica and (35:38) and GOG (32:39). Now 28 strikes against Lemgo were not enough to take their first points. Line player Aleksandr Ermakov had netted an overall of seven goals in both previous matches (five and two)-  and now was on fire against Lemgo, scoring six times from eight attempts. But even his personal best score of the season could not prevent the hosts from another defeat. 


We are very glad that we took the points. I didn't really like the first half. I remember how the players played against Vladimir Maksimov. I am very glad to be in Chekhov.
Florian Kehrmann
Head Coach, TBV Lemgo Lippe

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