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Magdeburg see history repeat in Nantes

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Magdeburg see history repeat in Nantes

Thanks to a strong first half and a late comeback, SC Magdeburg conquered Nantes' fortress on Sunday - and remain the only team in group C with a clean record of six points.

  • like Benfica and Rhein-Neckar Löwen in groups A and B, Magdeburg won their third of three group matches
  • it was Nantes’ first defeat on international ground in this season
  • Michael Damgaard and Erik Schmidt score seven times each for the victors
  • Magdeburg decided the match with a 4:0 run from minute 55 to 58
  • next Sunday, the two clash in the re-match in Germany

HBC Nantes (FRA) vs SC Magdeburg (GER) 28:31 (9:15)

History repeated itself in Nantes on Sunday. Almost exactly seven years after their 20:27 home defeat against Magdeburg in the EHF Cup group phase on 24 February 2013, Nantes lost again at home against the same opponents, mainly due to a weak performance before the break.

Magdeburg had an attacking efficiency of 63 per cent, Nantes just 39 per cent. Nantes missed 14 shots and caused four technical mistakes, Magdeburg missed nine goals and had two technical errors.

From an individual point of view it was the same story. Nantes’ former Champions League top scorer Kiril Lazarov had one goal from six attempts on his account, Magdeburg line player Erik Schmidt five from five in the first half. Schmidt added a further two goals from two attempts after the break.

After 19 minutes, Magdeburg were ahead by four goals for the first time at 9:5. In their best period before the break, Nantes reduced the deficit to 8:9, but were then overrun in five counter-attacks, including the buzzer-beating strike of Daniel Petterson for the half-time score of 15:9 for the visitors.

It looked like Magdeburg had ended Nantes’ hopes of a win – but the hosts took the upper hand thanks to a clear improvement in their defence and from goalkeeper Emil Nielsen, as well as a string of suspensions for the visitors.

Due to a 7:1 run, HBC took their first ever lead at 22:21. A previously one-sided match had turned into a thriller - but one with an unhappy end for the hosts.

Four costly errors in attack in a row by Nantes from a lead of 27:26 saw Magdeburg decide the match after a 4:0 run, securing their unbeaten streak.

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