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New beach handballs to be tested this summer


New beach handballs to be tested this summer

The EHF’s beach handball department’s partnership with Italian ball supplier Trial has been strengthened further with the news that new beach handballs will be trailed at tournaments this summer.

Beach handball players will have the first opportunity to run the rule over the new balls in Cyprus at the ebt Finals, which takes places 4-7 June.

The next generation of beach handball players will also play with the balls at the YAC 16 Beach Handball EURO in Italy between 8 and 11 July.

After both competitions, players will be asked to fill in a short questionnaires on their experiences using the new balls, the feedback of which will be evaluated afterwards.

At the YAC 16 EURO only size 2 balls will be used for both women’s and men’s teams. The new prototype ball size 2 will also be provided for the competition to be tested by the under-16 players.

Marco Trespidi, Beach Handball Commission member responsible for events and competitions, said: “This season’s goal is to focus and improve the aesthetics of the balls and to focus on the development of the playing balls.”

The EHF’s BU Manager, Ivana Jelic, added: “We are extremely happy and privileged to have an excellent working relationship with Trial, who we are excited to be working with to help improve standards and work on new innovations together.

“Naturally we are looking forward this summer’s events where these new balls will be used and interested to hear the feedback from teams and players.”

For more information on Trial, visit their website and to get in touch, email

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