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New brand identity launched for EHF Younger Age Category events

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The European Handball Federation is proud to announce the latest part of its new brand rollout with the unveiling of the visual identity for its Younger Age Category events.

It comes after the successful launches of new brand identities for all of the EHF’s club and national team competitions, including beach handball.

The EHF YAC logo system is a based on the circular shape of the ball, a common element throughout all the EHF’s national team competitions, including the senior EHF EUROs where events will have a logo template for organisers to use.Additional elements within the system link the logos to the visual identity of the EHF. These include the use of the EHF primary logo, official fonts and the EHF blue and bright blue colours. The addition of graffiti writing in the logo is designed to speak to a younger audience.

The Women’s 17, Women’s 19, Men’s 18 and Men’s 20 EHF EURO events receive a logo design template, based on the system in place for the senior EHF EURO events. The template includes a circular area, which organisers can use to create their own design within the guidelines.

All other youth events, including the EHF Championships and European Open, receive a fixed logo design. This approach will ensure a recognisable brand throughout all EHF YAC Competitions.

EHF Secretary General Martin Hausleitner, said: “The launch of the YAC logos represents the next part of a hugely important process by the EHF in our commitment to developing and promoting our Younger Age Categories.

“The next generation of top-class international handball players competes each year across our events, providing competitive opportunities for member federations and their men’s and women’s youth national teams which are key elements of the EHF competitions system.

“The launch of the new visual identity plays a crucial part when it comes to help shaping the overall image of our sport with growth a significant priority, especially the development at grassroots levels where encouraging the next generation of players remains of utmost importance.”

The next Youth Age Category events will take place in July and August this year with the Women’s 19 EURO in Celje, Slovenia, on 8-18 July and the Women’s 17 EURO in Podgorica, Montenegro, on 5-15 August.

The Women’s 19 EHF Championship will be held in Skopje, North Macedonia, and Chieti/Pescara, Italy, on 8-15 July. The Women’s 17 EHF Championship takes place in tournaments in Tbilisi, Georgia, and Klaipeda, Lithuania, on 7-15 August.

Meanwhile, as reported earlier this month, the EHF introduced a Men’s 19 EURO to take place from 12 to 22 August in Croatia.

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