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Olympiacos reclaim the double

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Olympiacos reclaim the double

After winning their first domestic title in 2017/18, Olympiacos finished the season on top of the podium again this year. The team from the city of Piraeus not only won the championship for the second year running, but also the Greek Cup, making it a back-to-back double.

The men’s handball title meant that Olympiacos won all six domestic competitions the club participates in – also men’s and women’s volleyball, men’s and women’s water polo, and women’s basketball.

Olympiacos took the handball trophy with a 3-1 result in the play-off series against A.E.K. Athens. In the final, deciding match, Olympiacos controlled the game from start to finish, recording a 28:21 result at the final whistle.

It is a deserved success for the club that reorganised in 2017 and immediately saw results. Olympiacos also played their first EHF Cup season in 2017/18, being eliminated in Round 1 of the qualification stage. In 2018/19, they started in Round 2, defeating Sport36 – Komlö to reach Round 3. There, Croatian team RK Nexe won both games and ended the Greek side’s hopes of the group phase berth.

“Two years ago, we were given an enormous opportunity to become a member of Olympiakos’ huge family. From the very first moment, we have had a programme where we have defined our goals, and we are moving on these lines,” said Olympiacos goalkeeper Konstantinos Tsilimparis after the deciding game in the series.

“Our goal beyond claiming titles is to go one step further than the sport itself, raising the quality of the team and the handball played – and with slow and steady steps we have accomplished something of that. Our goal is to continue on this path. The way in which Olympiacos works in Greek handball has helped the sport go one step further.”

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