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Referee teaching material for YAC events available online


Referee teaching material for YAC events available online

Just before the start of the M17 European Open and other upcoming Younger Age Category (YAC) events this summer, the EHF’s Technical Refereeing Committee (TRC) has released the guidelines for refereeing at YAC competitions.

The guidelines are relevant for all of the EHF’s YAC events this summer, as well as throughout this year for EHF Member Federations.

The EHF TRC members have selected 64 video clips from the Women’s and Men’s EHF Champions League in order to specify EHF refereeing guidelines in seven key areas: penalty decisions, offensive fouls, passive play, pivot play, progressive punishment, special situations and wing play.

The EHF’s referee experts have provided their advice and opinions on each clip to help users understand every situation shown in the teaching materials.

The guidelines can be accessed via a specially prepared video platform, for which a user guide is also available.

It must be understood that all video scenes are shown for educational reasons only – incorrect decisions or actions should not be regarded as a personal criticism of any person featured in the clips.

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