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Say hello to the new look for European beach handball

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Beach handball has always been part of the game. Ever since the sport officially became part of the European Handball Federation family when a working group was first established in 1998.

It is handball but not as you know it. Forget the sound of the shoes on the court and the limitations of the arena roof: here, you can feel the sand between your toes and reach up and touch the sky. At the beach you are entranced by acrobatic, gravity-defying 360-shots that send your senses spinning. Here, you are welcomed into a loyal community; one that combines competitive team spirit with an inclusive and friendly environment.

This spirit, this beach feeling, is encapsulated in a newly and specially created beach handball DNA that throws off with an updated, fresh EHF beach handball logo.

Fitting in perfectly alongside the theme of the new logos for all EHF club competitions, which were unveiled in July, the beach handball logo takes its main inspiration from the sun. Think rays of light shining down on the sand on the players below.

Importantly from a brand perspective, the introduction of the new logo now means all future EHF beach handball competitions will carry the same standard, unified logo, resulting in clear, consistent brand identity at all future competitions.

The same is said for the European Beach Tour (ebt), where a new logo has been designed specifically for use at all ebt tournaments, with emphasis again placed on ensuring a consistent promotion of the EHF beach handball brand.

Feel the spirit of the beach

To mark the launch of the new logo and brand identity, the EHF beach handball department produced a promotional video that pays tribute to the sport. 

Furthermore, beach handball’s visibility on the EHF’s new Home of Handball website has been given greater prominence. With its own dedicated landing page there are sections detailing news, results and history plus information on education and teaching. Visit the new home for beach handball at

EHF Secretary General Martin Hausleitner, said: “The launch of the new beach handball brand represents a significant step forward in the EHF’s commitment to developing and promoting the discipline across Europe and beyond.

“Beach handball plays an important role in many aspects of the EHF’s master plan, especially at grassroots level where mini-beach handball is of particular focus.

“However, the launch of the new brand plays a crucial part when it comes to help shaping the overall image of the sport with growth a significant priority.”

Ole Jorstad, EHF Beach Commission Chairman, said: “The new brand identity for beach handball plays close attention to the values and beliefs of the sport: fun, bold, competitive, captivating, modern and inclusive.

“We are delighted that beach handball’s importance within the EHF has been recognised and that the sport gets the care and attention it so richly deserves.

“With the ultimate goal of making beach handball an Olympic discipline, the creation of a new brand identity and beach DNA gives the discipline the perfect platform to go from strength to strength, in what is just the start in an exciting future beach handball’s exciting journey.”

Beach handball is part of the game. See you at the beach!

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