Sustainability is theme of 7th EHF Scientific Conference in Porto

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"Sustainability in Handball – Circle of a Handball Life" is the theme of the 7th EHF Scientific Conference, which takes place in Portugal on 23/24 November 2023. Guidelines for abstracts, articles, and presentations for the conference are now available.

Organised by the European Handball Federation (EHF), the Union of University Handball Teachers (UUHT), and the Faculty of Sport of the University of Porto, the 7th EHF Scientific Conference brings together experts from both professional and scientific fields to discuss various aspects of professional handball, including medical and socio-economical aspects.

This year's focus is on the importance of certain stages in handball education and development, with the goal of promoting handball as a lifelong sport and activity.

Conference topics include:

  • grassroots handball,
  • coaching-related topics,
  • prevention, rehabilitation, nutrition, and mental treatment,
  • socio-economic aspects of sports, in particular handball.

The EHF has now released the guidelines for abstracts, articles, and presentations (oral and poster). The guidelines are available for download in PDF format.

The deadline for submission of abstracts is on 25 September; for articles on 22 October.

The participation fee for the conference, subsidised by the EHF, is EUR 100; EHF Commission members, EHF Experts, and members of the UUHT are exempt from paying the participation fee.

Participants can register here; deadline for registrations is 4 October 2023.

Previous EHF Scientific Conferences documentation can be found here.

Guidelines for Abstracts, Articles, and Presentations

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