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The Magnificent Seven and some brotherly rivalry

EHF / Adrian Costeiu

We can still enjoy a bit of fun before the new EHF Champions League season begins, so here we are once again with some witty social media posts from the teams involved in the premier European competitions.

The wait is almost over, as highlighted by a superb promo from Hungarian Sport TV, who “employed” seven handball players to act as the Magnificent Seven before the start of the top European competitions.

We also get a brotherly rivalry between two Polish players, a challenge in Denmark and a throwback picture with one of the stars of the DELO EHF Champions League.

A friendly game

It is not usual for two brothers to square off against each other, but the friendly game that featured Lomza Vive Kielce and DHfK Leipzig was surely a special one for Tomasz and Maciej Gebala. Maciej, Leipzig’s line player, never played for Kielce, but for their big rivals, Wisla Plock, between 2016 and 2018. Tomasz, a left back, transferred from Plock to Kielce in 2019 and played for the first time against his brother. It was not a boxing match, as pictured, but Kielce won the game, 32:29.

The Magnificent Seven

This is not an old-fashioned shoot-out, but a handball promo. The Hungarian broadcaster Sport TV outdid themselves and put some of the stars of the Hungarian teams on the spot, transporting them into the Magnificent Seven universe.

We think all of them – Telekom Veszprém's Patrik Ligetvari (the ruthless) and Rodrigo Coralles (the wall), FTC’s Katrin Klujber (the cannon), Szeged’s Dmitri Zhitnikov (the virtuoso) and Bence Banhidi (the rock) and Györ’s Stine Oftedal (the conductor) and Dorottya Faluvegi (the lightning) – did a superb job.

Are the players good actors, or should they stick to handball? Could they ever play in a Tarantino movie?

A new star is born

It is probably an understatement to say that Barça are happy with their new signing, Domen Makuc. The Slovenian back has impressed with his superb skills in his first few games for the Spanish side and is ready for the premier European competition. He has already scored 31 goals in four seasons for Celje, despite being only 20!

Time for school

A new school year started on 1 September in Russia and the Rostov-Don social media team duly delivered with another superb throwback post. Can you guess who is the hero of the picture? We will give you a hint: she wears lucky number 13 on her shirt.

Switching roles

Danish goalkeeper Rikke Poulsen can stop some powerful shots, but how will she deal with keeping a ball on her feet? Well, why not let us find out?

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