Motor Veszprem 2000
EHF Champions League

Veszprém turn the tide after the break

EHF / Björn Pazen

In the three previous duels Telekom Veszprém HC beat Motor Zaporozhye three times by a distance of at least ten goals, but on Wednesday night, the four-time EHF Champions League finalists needed to struggle much harder to finally snatch the points from Ukraine. Two Spaniards and a Serb were the key to success.

HC Motor (UKR) vs Telekom Veszprém HC (HUN) 34:37 (18:17)

  • While Veszprém took their third victory in three rounds, Motor remain on zero points
  • The host held the upper hand until the middle of the second half in a very equal match, in which the biggest gap were three goals
  • The 23:22 was Motor’s last advance, while at 25:25 the teams were tied last time
  • It was the first group match of this season with more than 70 goals
  • Petar Nenadic scored ten goals for the winners, Rodrigo Corrales saved 15 shots

Magic Maqueda makes it in the end

Entering the game with just one goal this season, Veszprém’s right back Jorge Maqueda was there to score in the key moments. Within 13 minutes to play, the Spanish World and EHF EURO champion netted three goals in 80 seconds, including one from (for him an unusual) counter-attack, for the Hungarian team's first three-goal lead at 31:28. In the end, he finished with five.

In this game, we conceded the most goals in the season. We understand that in the Champions League it is impossible to win a match without good defence. Teams that come here should understand that they need to take this club seriously and play strongly against Motor.
David Davis
Telekom Veszprém head coach

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