20201014 Aalborg Nantes
EHF Champions League

Aalborg celebrate their best-ever start

EHF / Björn Pazen

Aalborg Håndbold (DEN) vs HBC Nantes (FRA) 32:24 (16:9)

For the first time in their club history, Aalborg Håndbold have won four EHF Champions League Men’s matches in a row. The Danish side of head coach Stefan Madsen celebrated a 32:24 victory against HBC Nantes in a never-expected dominant way on Wednesday and made their start a perfect one. The key to their success was the Swedish-born goalkeeper Mikael Aggefors.

  • The first 25 minutes were a rollercoaster ride - first Aalborg led 6:1, then Nantes kept up at 7:6 down, before the hosts again forged ahead to 14:7
  • At half-time, Nantes had a scoring efficiency of 35%, while Aalborg’s was 60%
  • With the score +10 at 22:12 in the 39th minute, the deal was sealed for the Danes
  • Aalborg’s Magnus Jensen scored six to put him top scorer in the competition with 23 goals

Aggefors shuts up shop

In their first three EHF Champions League Men’s matches of this season, young goalkeeper Simon Gade was in Aalborg’s starting seven, but in their tight 27:26 win at Zagreb in Round 3, Aggefors was the match-winner for the Danes, arriving in goal in the second half and saving seven crucial shots to seal the victory.

Against Nantes tonight, the 35-year-old Swede was the superhero with an incredible number of saves, making 23 stops, ending with a 48% save ratio against Nantes’ shots.

We played the game just the way we wanted to. We brought some physics and some speed into it. The first half we played was amazing, so I hope that we can continue this way forward.
Mikael Aggefors
Player, Aalborg Håndbold

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