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EHF European League

Another round, another win for GOG

EHF / Kevin Domas

Only one team is still undefeated in the EHF European League group phase: SC Magdeburg. But Danish side GOG are not far from that record, having won six of their eight games so far.

Tonight, they easily disposed of Cocks, inflicting the Finnish side's eighth defeat of the season. GOG made the difference in the first half, scoring 22 to lead by nine at the break.


Cocks (FIN) vs GOG (DEN) 23:34 (13:22)

  • it only took 17 minutes for the visitors to take a five-goal lead, thanks to their fastbreaks finished off by Jerry Tollbring, who netted five in the first half
  • despite Piotr Rybski scoring nine for Cocks, never was the Finnish side in a position to come back into the game
  • the ten-goal advantage mark was crossed in the 45th minute and GOG enjoyed a maximum lead of eleven goals
  • two players scored nine goals: Piotr Rybski for Cocks and Lukas Jorgensen for GOG
  • GOG remain top of the group with thirteen points while Cocks remain last, without points

Jerry Tollbring, the scorer in the shadows

The Swedish left-winger might be out of the limelight, hidden behind Mathias Gidsel and Simon Pytlick, who usually top the scorers’ rankings. Tonight, though, Tollbring netted eight to help GOG to their sixth win of the season, leading the team in the first half by scoring six. Having arrived last summer, Tollbring has settled well in his new environment and could well become a deadly weapon come the crucial phases of the competition.

We knew that with Cocks having injuries, we respect their fight against us. We hope that Cocks players will be ready to fight for Finnish championship.
Nikolej Krickau
Coach, GOG

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