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Court of Handball issues decision in Matija Gubica case

OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Croatian referee Matija Gubica has been suspended from officiating EHF competitions for three years
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The EHF Court of Handball has reached its decision in a case opened against the referee Matija Gubica.

Matija Gubica was found guilty of having violated fundamental obligations outlined in the EHF Code of Conduct and the IHF Ethics Code.

Due to the violations, the Court of Handball decided that Gubica is suspended from officiating EHF competitions for three years.

Two thirds of the three-year suspension are awarded on a suspended sentence basis, deferred with a probation period of two years. The suspension period is calculated as of 1 June 2023.

Additionally, Matija Gubica shall pay a fine of €6000 for the violations outlined. Two thirds of the fine are imposed on a suspended basis, subject to a two-year probationary period starting from the date of this decision.

An appeal may be filed with the EHF Couret of Appeal within seven days.

The case is not related to any allegations of possible match fixing nor any other undue influence on a match result.

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