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First win for Chekhovskie medvedi

EHF / Danijela Vekić

From the start of the match, Russian side was dominant on the court, not giving a chance for Cocks to turn things around in their home venue. Chekhov got an early lead thanks to goalkeeper Dmitry Pavlenko and the Kotov duo - Alexander and Kiril - and kept upgrading it. Cocks did perform much better in the second half, closing the big gap, but not enough to get close to their first points.


Cocks (FIN) vs Chekhovskie medvedi (RUS) 27:33 (10:20)

  • the away team took an early lead and was dominant in the first half; earning themselves a ten-goal lead at half-time
  • on the Finnish side, Djordje Djekic and Teimuraz Orjonikidze were in the mood for scoring tonight
  • Chekhov goalkeeper Dmitry Pavlenko ended the first half on 44% while his partner Artjom Grushko ended the night with ten saves
  • Cocks woke up in the second half, closing the gap to three goals (25:28) thanks to Davor Basaric's goals and saves by Adrian Tenghea
  • the Russian team had the stronger finish and with six goals of Roman Ostashchenko, took the win

Goalkeepers' night

Chekhovskie Medvedi had a good night in Finland, getting their hands on their first points in the competition ahead of the break. Even though they were in the lead, Cocks had a good second half showing and were narrowing the gap. The duo between the posts made sure no surprises happened. Dmitry Pavlenko had a good start; saving eight times, leaving him with a 44% save rate. Artjom Grushko replaced him later on, adding another ten saves, finishing with 37%. That’s 18 saves in total with a high combined percentage - 40 in total.

There were not many differences to other games of the European season because we always try to win, but today we could do it.
Kiril Kotov
Chekhovskie medvedi

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