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Fresh EHF Champions League content reaches millions

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Tailor-made digital video content – which plays a crucial role in EHF Marketing and DAZN Group’s new 360-degree digital strategy – has already achieved a staggering reach of 50 million just three weeks into the new season.

The production of the content, that takes place live during EHF Champions League matches, is produced by DAZN using artificial editing video editing program WSC to automatically create a variety of clips from the footage.

The clips, of which around 6,000 are planned to be created this season, are then made available to all stakeholders – including clubs, EHF owned channels, broadcasters, sponsors, media and partners. 

WSC software allows the creation of content in real time of each one of the stakeholders and the markets linked to the EHF Champions League.

It has meant that handball and sport fans in general have already started to enjoy the benefits of the partnership between EHF Marketing and DAZN Group in terms of content production and digital promotion in the EHF Champions League competitions.

For the first time, participating clubs have the opportunity to use the clips straight after their match, using the platform Socialie to access the ready-made content for them to use and post across their own channels.

Thanks to Socialie posts containing EHF Champions League content, close to eight million impressions have been achieved with two-and-half million viewing the rich video content published in those posts.

A part of the near-live clips created during the matches, clubs receive highlights of the matches and other clips related to their players right after each match. In addition to these videos, more videos are produced and delivered just after each round to select the best actions and the best players of each week.

With rich and engaging video just one a single click away, it has never been easier for clubs to push content to their fans. The fact that all 32 teams participating across EHF Champions League have already used these content shows how valuable this service has already become.

Furthermore, the special coverage of the Match of the Week is also bearing fruit. With limited access for fans into arenas, the cooperation between clubs and broadcasters is permitting EHF owned channels to offer additional coverage to their fans by providing special interviews with players and exclusive pictures of selected matches during each round.

Miguel Mateo, Director Media Operations EHF Marketing, said: “For EHF Marketing there is no better proof for the success of the new digital strategy than seeing the satisfaction of the clubs and the positive reaction of the fans during these first three weeks of competition. 

“In these challenging times, where we mostly communicate with fans on digital platform, it has never been more important to offer engaging and interesting content.”

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