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Goal-setting analysed in new study

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A study into the importance of the association and mediation of psychological collectivism and task orientation with goal-setting on performance was applied to a number of European handball clubs.

Six elite female handball teams – four from Portugal and one each from Brazil and Angola – and five men’s teams – four from Portugal and one from Angola – were selected to verify that Collectivism and Task Orientation have influence at Goal-setting and Performance.  A sample of 175 participants (98 female and 66 male players, and 11 coaches) participated voluntarily in the study.

The study published at JPES (July, 2020), led by Arraya M. from Universidade Aberta (Lisbon, Portugal) and Mónico L. from Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal), indicate that “Preference” and “Goal Priority” from psychological collectivism in association with goal-setting would contribute to higher performance.

The research also supported the importance of task orientation to performance. This study highlights the contribution of psychological collectivism and task orientation for goal-setting achievement.

This means that athletes with a sense of collectivism and task orientation are more willing to achieve objectives.

To read the 10-page study in full detail, download the pdf below.

Goal-setting study Goal-setting, Collectivism, Task Orientation and Performance: predictors and mediators

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