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EHF European League

GOG celebrate quarter-final spot in Russia

EHF / Danijela Lemaić

CSKA have finished their historic participation in the EHF European League Men. The Russian side tried to make up a two-goal deficit from the first match but failed in their mission against GOG on Tuesday night.

The Danish visitors set the pace throughout the match and secured their place in the quarter-finals.

HC CSKA (RUS) vs GOG (DEN) 30:35 (17:19)
First leg 31:33. Aggregate result 61:68

  • GOG had the lead through most of the match. The closest CSKA came was at 15:16 in 25th minute and 24:26 in the second half
  • both teams had a series of four consecutive goals in the second half
  • the Russian team struggled in defence, but Dmytro Ilchenko and Valentin Vorobev kept the fire alive in attack
  • the top scorer of the game was GOG’s Mathias Gidsel, with 11 goals, and Emil Lærke, with seven at 100 per cent efficiency

Mathias Gidsel on fire

If there was one player who stood out on Tuesday night, it was Mathias Gidsel. The 22-year-old right back was in the match from the very start and proved a nightmare for CSKA’s defense.

Whatever he had in mind, he accomplished. He shook the net 11 times and failed only twice. And Gidsel’s efficiency is no surprise — in the first leg match against CSKA he scored seven, and he is now on a total of 59 goals with more of the season to come.

My team was on fire today. We managed to implement a lot of things that we had planned. The two matches against CSKA were great, especially the second half of the first game. It was an interesting fight. And we are very happy that out of two equal teams, we were stronger.
Nicolej Krickau
GOG coach

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