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GOG win away match on home soil

EHF / Björn Pazen

Matthias Gidsel (11 goals) and Emil Jacobsen (8) were GOG’s heroes in their second group phase victory.

This duo scored 19 of the Danish side’s 35 goals in the first of two matches against Tatabanya that take place in the space of 24 hours. The game also saw the return to action of Morten Olsen.


Grundfos Tatabanya KC (HUN) vs. GOG (DEN) 32:35 (16:17) 

  • After three matches, Grundfos Tatabanya still wait for their first points – they had lost to Trebnje and Rhein-Neckar Löwen before; GOG meanwhile sit on four points. 
  • Tatabanya had the better start but GOG pulled ahead to lead by five goals in the middle of the first half. 
  • From the start of the second half onwards the match was equal, before the visitors took the lead at 27:26 - however 31:30 was as good as it got Tatabanya. 
  • GOG scored a 4:1 run to win the encounter. 
  • The 67 goals scored were the second highest number in this group below GOG’s 32:37 home defeat against Rhein-Neckar Löwen. 
  • The second leg of this duel will be played tomorrow at 17:00 CET again at Gudme. 

Great comeback for Morten Olsen after injury shocker

It was a shocking moment for Morten Olsen middle of October: The Danish world champion, who arrived from German club Hanover-Burgdorf in the summer, broke his finger –in the hospital the doctors said that the injury is so severe that they might need to amputate the finger. After Olsen told the doctors that he needed his finger as he is a handball player, they managed to save it, and now – even some weeks earlier than expected –Olsen is back. The centre back scored five goals against Tatabanya in his international comeback.

Vladan Matic (Tatabanya KC coach): "First of all I want to congratulate GOG with the win. I think the game was very close, but in the last three minutes we made a big mistake in the defence and in the attack we make a bad pass to the pivot.

"We actually play very good in general throughout the game. We lost today, but tomorrow is a new day and a new chase."

Piotr Wyszomirski (Tatabanya KC player): "I am never happy after a game we do not win. Unfortunately we made some mistakes in the end of the game that was important. GOG played very good in attack. They played for a very long time, and with big patience. We played a good game overall, but it was not enough. Tomorrow is a new day."

Nicolaj Krickau (GOG coach): "It was a very tough match. I have the biggest respect for the Tatabanya team for their bus trip here, and for the energy they put into the game.

"In the end it was all about luck. They had the control ind the second half, and they were better than us in 25 minutes.

"It was a very tough match, where we had the luck we needed at the end. And of course we are happy when we win with a team with so few players."

Frederik Bo Andersen (GOG player): "I enjoyed the game as much as I could, and luckily I scored on my three chances. It was a fun game to play, with speed and a lot of goals. I look forward to playing again tomorrow."


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