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Montpellier win in a nail-biting finish

EHF / Danijela Lemaić

After a tough month Montpellier finally began their EHF European League campaign and started with a win in a nail-biting finish. Having matches delayed and not playing for a month was not easy for both teams, but strong performances brought amazing handball action in Nasice.

Montpellier had a stronger start of the match, hence having a lead in the first half. Both teams were struggling with the efficiency, while Nasice were trying to keep up the pace. Main reason why Montpellier was leading in the first half was Marin Sego who had few important saves. It seemed Montpellier were heading towards a relaxed ending with a three-goal lead in the last ten minutes, but Nexe tied 24 seconds before the end. However, Montpellier are coming back to France with their first two points in the EL after a goal by Melvin Richardson.


RK Nexe (CRO) - Montpellier HB (FRA) 22:23 (8:10)

• it took four minutes to see the first goal at the match, scored by Diego Simonet
• the teams performed better in the second half; at half-time, Nexe had a scoring efficiency of 41%, while Montpellier’s was 53%, by the end home team was at 51%, while Montpellier was on 61%
• both teams had difficulty scoring at some point the game, Nexe failed to score for five minutes, while Montpellier had the same struggle for nine minutes
• Hugo Descat scored five times for French side and Marin Sego had 11 saves
• Young Halil Jaganjac was top scorer on Nasice’s side with five goals

Thrilling end of the match

Nexe were close to a second win in this season’s European League. 30 seconds before the end home team stole the ball and Fran Mileta had a great assist to Marin Jelinic for a tie (22:22). Montpellier didn’t want to miss a victory after a draw with Cesson-Rennes in French League. Melvin Richardson saved the day with a goal eight seconds before the end, his third in the match.

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