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Respect Your Talent

RESPECT YOUR TALENT finds its home online

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It’s here! The European Handball Federation’s RESPECT YOUR TALENT programme has found its dedicated space on the Home of Handball. 

Handball talents, their sporting, academic and private entourage, as well as interested fans can find a wealth of information regarding the programme’s unique activities. 

EHF Secretary General Martin Hausleitner said: “Success in professional handball requires much more than just being a great athlete and hard work on the court – it takes a strong personality, good self-management or communication skills that help an athlete meet the demands of this sport, ON and OFF the court. 

“Building these skills systematically must start at a very early stage. The EHF sees it as our responsibility to support young people taking up this competitive challenge. Here, RESPECT YOUR TALENT is an important piece of that puzzle.” 

With the programme’s pioneering approach, the world’s best handball players, supported by leading field experts, inspire and instruct young athletes covering topics such as dual career, well-being, sporting integrity, and media or sports law. In the future, the programme will also serve as a central source of competence, assisting the European handball family with training, research and network opportunities to foster sustainable pathways of aspiring players. 

The co-creators of RESPECT YOUR TALENT, Alenka Cuderman, EHF Women’s Handball Coordinator, and Wolfgang Stockinger, EHF Scientific Specialist for Dual Career, add: “Our own space on the Home of Handball gives us novel options to interact with the European handball talents. Soon, they will not only have the chance to meet and work with our ambassadors at selected events, but do so online.” 

Get informed, get inspired! Click here to access the full RESPECT YOUR TALENT section on the Home of Handball.  

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