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Respect Your Talent

The latest workshop, instigated by the Women’s Handball Board, takes places in Vienna


The latest workshop, instigated by the Women’s Handball Board, takes places in Vienna

Nations and clubs representatives from around Europe met in Vienna on Wednesday and Thursday for the latest EHF Workshop for Strengthening the Women’s Handball Network.

The aim was to present updates on women’s handball  strategic objectives and activity plan 2020 as well as to work together with focus on development of women’s youth handball.

EHF President Michael Wiederer addresses the representatives at the workshop

Among the topics discussed were the EHF Grassroots programme and IHF Handball at School programme, as well as coaching styles in women’s youth handball  and strengthening emerging nations. There was also very powerful exchange of the best practices in the player development and talent management from Denmark, France, Portugal, Serbia and Hungary.

In a longer session the EHF Respect Your Talent Programme was presented, aiming strengthening of talented players, including the empowerment of personal development of the talented players on and off the court, stimulating skill development, enforcing ambition for competitive pathway and strengthening the handball community values.

The power of role models in inspiring and transferring the messages to the players was also highlighted. The very positive feedback from the RYT camp players was praised by the workshop participants and the possibilities of  creation an added value of the RYT programme for the federations and clubs was discussed.

The importance of the workshop was also highlighted by EHF Women’s Handball Board Chairwoman Nodjialem Myaro.

She said: “It’s crucial for the EHF to be in contact with member federations – to support them and show that they are not alone, that we can achieve much more if we work together. The Respect Your Talent programme is a good example – because it sends a great message to young female players – it makes them feel that anything is possible. It’s not a dream, it is a reality.

Gabriella Horvath, an EHF Executive Committee Member since 2016, was similarly positive.

“Women’s handball is expanding, the EHF EURO is getting bigger, and with club handball also changing it is exciting times for our sport,” Horvath said. “That’s why it’s important for us all to work together and use the synergies to raise the level of women’s handball. I believe we are well on the way to achieving that, with excellent competitions and great athletes.”

Monique Queis-Tijsterman, technical director for talent management at the Dutch Handball Federation and EHF Lecturer, also hailed the significance of the EHF’s commitment to improving women’s handball.

She said: “It’s great to get such an insight from other colleagues from other countries and to talk handball. We have made a lot of steps in the last couple of years and although we still have some way to go to match the men’s game, I believe we are on a good path.

“To come to a workshop and hear from other member federations is very inspiring.”

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