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Thriller win for Nexe

EHF / Danijela Lemaić

Nexe still do not know about losing in 2021. After winning over Alingsas and Besiktas, Branko Tamse's side  secured the win against CSKA in last seconds of the match.

Throughout most of the match we saw an equal game, both teams having a lead at some point. 57 minutes in we were at 30:30 and on a potential draw. Both teams pushed hard in the last minutes but the luck was on the Croatians side as Mario Tomic scored with just seconds remaining.

CSKA still has a chance to move up on the table of Group C, while Nexe played all ten matches and now wait for their Last 16 encounter.

RK Nexe (CRO) - CSKA (RUS) 32:31(14:14)

  • both teams already secured their spots in Last 16, but they were fighting for a chance to fortify their current positions
  • Nexe was in a lead until the 20th minute when CSKA turned over
  • the Russian team had a chance to go on a break with a lead but Nexe leveled with a three-goal run
  • After a short lead, the Russian team was trailing by a goal or two in the second half-time
  • Aleksei Fokin tied the score to ensure an exciting end of the match
  • in a thriller ending, seven seconds before the end result was 31:31
  • Mario Tomic scored a goal from the center into an empty net for a win

Day of the goalkeepers

Both sides tonight had impressive saves, keeping their team in the game. Nexe’s Moreno Car finished the evening with 15 saves, 11 enrolled in the first 30 minutes. The Croatian born in 1996 has been on point in every match of the competition. Coming from Porec, Car developed even more in Nasice and gives extra confidence to Nexe’s defense. Mihailo Radovanovic might have only two saves tonight but those two helped Nexe to gain two new points. On the other side, Dmitriy Kuznetsov parried 16 shots. The 26-year old Russian proved that CSKA have an impressive goalkeeper duo and are a hard nut to crack for the opponents.

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