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EHF releases food and nutrition manual

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Proper nutrition is key to maximising performance. To help players and their coaches understand the requirements of handball, the EHF Competence Academy & Network has published a comprehensive manual of nutritional needs. 

The report, co-authored by Alejandro Martínez Rodríguez, Carmen Manchado López and José Miguel Martínez Sanz of the University of Alicante, explores the energy requirements of a game of handball and how players should fuel for a match and for daily training.

The manual details the nutrients required, including protein, carbohydrate, and fat, and suggests possible meal options which can supply these. It distinguishes between requirements for male and female athletes. 

The manual also outlines key intolerances, and foods which should be avoided if athletes are suffering from these. 

The manual is available HERE

For more information, just refer to the manual regarding “Diabetes with Sport”, the full version of which can be downloaded here.

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