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EHF Webinar features star football referees

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Two big names from the word of refereeing join the EHF Webinar series this week: Szymon Marciniak and Tomasz Listkiewicz are among the world’s leading referees in football.

The officials from Poland join an EHF Webinar dealing with various refereeing topics on Thursday 27 July at 17:00 CEST.

Marciniak became only the second referee in the history of football to lead the finals of both the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Champions League in the same season.

Marciniak, who has been whistling on the highest level of international football since 2011, was in charge when Argentina beat France to the world title in Qatar last December. And six months later, he oversaw the marquee match in international club football when Manchester City prevailed over Inter.

One of the assistant referees in Marciniak’s team is Tomasz Listkiewicz – son of former FIFA referee Michal Listkiewicz, who on his turn was one of the linesmen for the 1990 World Cup final between Germany and Argentina.

Marciniak and Listkiewicz are the prominent guests of the EHF Webinar covering the role & function of the referees during the match on Thursday 27 July at 17:00 CEST. Topics to be discussed include:

  • body language on the court/pitch and in communication with players during the game
  • communication between referees during the game
  • confidence
  • handling stress
  • trustworthiness and respect on the court
  • preparation before the game

The webinar will be moderated by the EHF's top referees Tatjana Prastalo (BIH) and Mirza Kurtagic (SWE).

The EHF has invited all its referees to take part in this webinar, which is open for registration for everyone else who is interested.

Registrations can be done via the link below:

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