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Information on Fivers vs BM Benidorm

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The European Handball Federation releases the following information on the match EHF European League Qualification Round 2 match, Fivers vs Benidorm BM, scheduled for 29 September 2020 in Vienna.

On Sunday, 27 September, BM Benidorm informed the European Handball Federation about its inability to travel to Vienna following an order by the health authorities in Spain that the team's players are confined to their homes for 10 days.

The match was therefore called off until further notice and the EHF mentioned that it would come back with a position about the further procedure as soon as possible. 

Summarising all the issues and the information at hand, it is to be stated that the club of Benidorm announced to the EHF not to be present for the second leg game on 29 September 2020.

This also states that the second leg game of this Qualification Round 2 would not take place within the time period that is foreseen for this competition phase.

As a consequence of this situation, the EHF concludes that there is no second leg game in this tie due to the situation on the side of BM Benidorm and therefore the club of BM Benidorm is no longer an active participant of the EHF European League.

As a further consequence of this, the EHF declares the remaining team of this tie, Fivers, as qualified for the next phase of this competition, the group phase.

The EHF regrets this situation very much as it is at no point in the interest of our sport to have decisions without matches.

However, if there are no matches on the court during a certain part of a running competition, decisions without matches are requested in order to safeguard a proper continuation of the competition without open issues or issues that would influence the further continuation of the competition.

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